Friday, 25 September 2015

Loki the Semite?

The image above is a scan from one of Ralph Blum's Runic books. You may remember it was Blum who 'invented' the blank rune (sic). The image was taken from a section regarding the ancestral rune Ansuz. What is interesting here is that he describes the ancestral god as Loki. For us Europeans, our ancestral god would be Woden (Anglo-Saxon) Wotan (German) Odin (Norse) etc. But Blum, who is jewish, states that it is Loki who is the ancestral god.

In reality, Loki himself is NOT one of the gods - he is one of the Jotun. The term Jotun is very important - meaning a 'giant', the name is etymologically rooted in the word 'Juden'.

In the Saga's, Loki takes his mothers surname -  Loki Laufjarson – which is a jewish tradition. Loki's mother Laufey was also known by the name Nal, which is written in Hebrew as 'משך' and translates as 'Duration'.

Many people  believe that there is a connection between Saturn and the jews, (see the book 'Saturn's Jews' for example). Saturn itself is the root of Satan - a Semitic god who is alien to our pantheons. However if you research the planet Saturn, you'll discover that some of the moons are named after the offspring of Loki. Some of the moons of Saturn include - Fenrir, Loge (the Germanic name for Loki), Surtur and Skoll. There are many other Nordic inspired names - as well as names taken from Roman myths - and most of the names are taken from Giants and Titans and not from the gods or goddesses.

Loki has gained somewhat of a 'following' recently as a result of the many comic based films which include Loki and Thor as superhero characters. But even in these films Loki still manifests with the intent of spreading his destruction. In many of the comics and graphic novels, he is  depicted as a bisexual. Another aspect which seems to have become common symbolism for Loki are the two golden horns on his helmet. I've an idea as to the origins of this, perhaps they symbolise the golden horns of the Golden Calf which the jew Aaron created by confiscating all the gold from the Israelites whilst Moses received the  Ten commandments. This 'ritual' of gold confiscation was the bases of the 1932 Gold Confiscation Act (USA). Many Saga's tell of Loki and his lust for gold, such as stealing Idunn's golden apples, or Sif's golden hair.


As many of my readers will no doubt be Burzum fans - I thought I'd add a little extra to the post regarding the excellent album cover for Dauði Baldrs. The pointed hat (like that worn by the shady character bearing the death rune) was an item of clothing that jews were forced to wear in medieval Germany so that they could be distinguished from christian folk.