Sunday, 30 August 2015

O Jove! Let the Germans realise their own strength, and they shall not be men, but gods.

Giordano Bruno 1548-1600

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Die Rune ist die Mutter aller Schriftzeichen  

 The rune is the mother of all characters

The comment above about the runes was made Himmler. It seems wyrd that he should use the term 'mother' to describe the runes as the origins of all characters, especially as the Hail-Hagal rune was the Armanen Mother rune and Himmler would sign many of his personal letters with the Hagal (mother) rune!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I'd like to add some thoughts in regards to the Heil salute, as mentioned in the last post. The common view is that this salute was taken from the Roman salute, which was used by the Italian fascists. However, this may not be true. It is known that Himmler himself held the view that Romulus and Remus, the ancient founders of Rome were themselves of Nordic blood, and that they had adopted the salute from the North. In the book Der HeilGruss - Richter stated he believed the salute originated with the ancient Aryan tribes which later went onto found Egypt. It is well known that the Scythians used the same salute, and that the Scythian people are distant ancestors of the Germanic race. Scottish clans also descend from the Scythian peoples - an old Germanic word  "Scutten" referred to both Scottish and Scythian folk. Hezbollah from Lebanon are known to use the Heil salute. They themselves describe this salute as an ancient greeting, which is probably the same salute mentioned by Richter.


Interestingly enough,  many American right wing conservatives like to compare the salute with the National Socialist one, in an attempt to associate the two, to discredit  anti-zionist opinions. However before the USA adopted its modern military salute - the Heil salute was commonly used across America, and was known as the Bellamy Salute. The American Senate itself is based on the Roman senate - including the Roman Fasces! 

Monday, 17 August 2015

A very unusual and abstract image taken from the National Socialist book Der HeilGruss in which author Alfred Richter describes the ancient Aryan origins of the Heil salute. 


I've often wondered about the etymology of the word Martyr - christians claim the word to be of their own making. But its clear to me that the word derives from the names Mars and Tyr - gods of War and Justice. So there must be no better word to describe Rudolf Hess, who was killed upon this day, for seeking peace in Europe. If anyone has read Hellstorm, they will know that the Zionist British wanted nothing more than the complete destruction of Germany and her volk. Peace was never an option for them. 

For the Black Sun and the memory of Rudolf Hess.

My coming to England in this way is, as I realize, so unusual that nobody will easily understand it. I was confronted by a very hard decision. I do not think I could have arrived at my final choice unless I had continually kept before my eyes the vision of an endless line of children's coffins with weeping mothers behind them, both English and German, and another line of coffins of mothers with mourning children. - Rudolf Hess

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Never fully believed that crop circles are the result of visiting aliens - still this circle is worthy of mention. -more pictures here. I must point out  the date this circle was created (something the circle hunters won't have noticed) was the 8th Aug 2015 or 8-8

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Rune binding

The rune binding above is a very interesting one. Used by the American 'Irminfolk' - it is a rune binding of the  runes Yr - Man - Sol. Together this gives us the name Yrmansol or Irminsul. 

What is interesting is that the Pillar of the Irminsul rune binding above is very similar to the Wendhorn rune, except the bottom of the binding (Yr) is curved. This instantly reminded me of a vision I once had of the Irminsul rising from the arch of the Bifrost bridge - which this symbol seems to represent. Wyrd!

In Wulfs excellent article -here- he talks about the runic elements of the Ar  - the rune of the plough and of the Aryan. I'd like to further this idea with the rune Ear, which is also connected to the concept of Ar and the Aryan.

If we take a look at the painting by the bauernkünstler Wolfgang Willrich, there is a huge amount of Germanic rune lore hidden within the picture. Of course most noticeably are the runes above the man woman and Irminsul. However the plough which is held by the farmer and the wheat held by the lady are further clues to the Ar and Ear rune meanings.  

(click to enlarge)

As we read in Wulfs post, and on posts made earlier in this blog - the Ar rune represents the Aryan and the plough - the word Aryan and its variants (Erian, Arjan etc) all mean 'one who ploughs' or 'works the land' - thus the Ar rune is much a rune of Blood and Soil as the Odal rune. Ar is the root of Arable - or farm.

The wheat itself has runic lore connected to it. In the rune poems we read that the 'Hægl byþ hwitust corna' or Hail is the whitest of grains' (corn). This is the description of Hail(stone) *, however the word wheat is also connected to 'whiteness' - coming from the old Germanic word Weizen (which is the root of both White and Wise). The most ancient form of this word is from the Proto Indo-European *kweid, which means 'to be white' or 'to shine'. The idea of the wheat 'shining' may be symbolic as it is considered a  gift from the gods. Wheat was given to the first English by the boy-king Sceaf. 

Wheat is also connected to the Ear rune - as in an Ear of wheat. The Ear rune is symbolic of wheat in its shape. The root of the word Ear (of wheat) is from the Germanic word Ehir (the word appears as Ear in Saxon and æher in Northumbria). Older Germanic forms are 'Ähre' or 'Ahs'. The term Ähre connects wheat back to the term Ehre and Ar, both meaning Noble (Arya) which again links the idea of farming back to the early Aryans.

* notice the Hagal-Hail rune above the Irminsul

Ear rune binding representing the Wheat.