Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The image above is taken from a book which detailed a study of runic emblems by Hitler. 

"The holy sign of the Germanic people. One of these symbols should be resurrected again by us."

Hitler is credited for arranging the dimensions of the Swastika flag which became the National Socialist banner - however in the work pictured above - runes which had been drawn by Hitler - we see how he was also behind the creation of the Sieg and double Sieg rune insignia of the Hitler Youth and the SS, with his Sieg rune drawing here.

The symbolism of the Sieg rune on German flags was far more meaningful than just a runic letter 'S' or SS for the Schutzstaffel - the emblem was designed to invoke the power behind the rune. Nearly always depicted as a white rune on a black banner - the emblem represented the rune as a Bolt of Light - the victory of light over dark, a beacon of hope and encouragement. It is no wonder that the  SS, who were only formed in the mid 1920's had become an elite fighting force by the time Britain and Judea had declared war on Germany. The power of this rune had been invoked!