Friday, 5 June 2015

This windmill ornament was produced by the Von Dutch company - the swastika which here represent the sails were an early symbol used by the dutch company.

Many folk are perhaps unaware of the overlap in symbolism between the mill and the swastika. The swastika is a symbol of Thor/Thunor and is used to represent his hammer. The mill represents the World Mill - which itself is a cosmic Swastika, as we will see in this post.

The 'Mill' itself refers to the grinding stone used to make flour - a windmill is simple a wind powered millstone, as opposed to a smaller hand turned one. The root of the word Mill is from the Proto Indo-European *mel which basically meant 'to grind' - thus the grinding of wheat and cereals into flour. Thors hammer Miollnir takes its name from this same root word - we still use the word 'mallet' which means the same.

The windmill with its rotating sails represents movement and the measure of time - hence the windmill is associated with the Three Norns - who bought to us the laws of Cause and effect (ie time), as well as the movements of the Sun and Moon across the sky. The sun Sol and moon Mani are the children of Mundilfari and he himself is the god of the Cosmic Millstone which is the northern night sky which rotates around the Pole star. As Ursa Major rotates around the Pole star this forms the Cosmic Swastika which is a symbol of both of Thor/Thunor and Mundilfari.