Monday, 29 June 2015

The Swastika as a symbol for Movement

Recently I spoke to some kinsmen regarding my thoughts upon the Is rune. This is the Ice rune, the rune of stillness. The rune is often described as one of having negative attributes.  It is certainly a rune which would cause somebody to feel lonely if invoked the wrong way - Is - Isolation! The rune absorbs energy - just like its physical representation Ice, so once enough energy is absorbed by the rune, the Is rune transforms to becomes the Ken rune - the rune of Fire and movement (energy). This energy can itself be further invoked until such a time that the energy of the rune becomes a rotational force - in this case the Ken rune rotates to become the Swastika which is a symbol of movement and energy - a symbol of the Sun and the Spirit, of the Fire and the Folk!

Is, the rune of stillness and ice becomes Ken 

The swastika represents the Ken rune in a rotation.