Sunday, 21 June 2015

the Life Rune - the Man Rune

Today we greet the sun as she is at her strongest - for today is the Sonnenwende - the longest day of the year, but also the start of the return to darkness. When we greet the sun we do so in the Life rune stance - which is the Man rune in the Armanen rune row. As heathens we say 'Yes to Life' and we thank the sun for her warmth and light, without either there would be no life on Earth. Our bodies absorb her healing rays and we use her energy. This life-force  and our own bodies are represented in the Leben-Man rune. For the word 'life' itself comes from the German Leben, which in turn comes from the word Leib which means 'the body'. This is why we stand in the Life-Man rune position when we greet the sun and when we give thanks to the gods and goddesses. 

Heil Sunna!