Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Ing rune - the Blood rune

Ing is the name that the Anglo-Saxons used for the god Frey. He is the divine ancestor of the English. His legend is preserved in the tale of Sceaf, who as a baby was found in a boat along with a shield and sheaf of wheat (hence his name). 

Sceaf - Ing

Our blood is sacred, as it carries the life force within our bodies that keeps us living. As a family, tribe or race we are blood-bound and our kindreds and hearths are blood-communities. By invoking this rune we invoke the bonds that unite us. 

The rune is closely related in its shape to the Ethel-Odal rune which itself represents the sacred soil and our heritage (Erbe). The Ing rune is the same but with a crown (stylised Ken rune) on top which symbolises the sacredness of blood. As a result this rune can be seen as the DNA helix pattern which defines who we are.