Thursday, 7 May 2015

The destruction of our heritage

A friend sent me this picture today of a viking rune stone defaced with marxist graffiti. Why would anyone want to destroy or deface our heritage? These acts of desecration are mindless. However the state and church often encourage these acts.

This is an engraving on one of the stones at the Sachsenhain (Saxon Grove) dedicated to the 4500 Saxon pagans who died under Charles the Butcher. The engraving  was carved by an evangelical church. What right does a church have to deface a monument dedicated to pagan Saxons with christian phrases?

The worse cases of destruction to our most ancient heritage is happening right now in the middle East as ISIS destroy all non-Islamic religious objects that they find. However, they didn't start this destruction - the British and Americans did with the illegal invasion of Iraq. One of the  'targets' of the Gulf war was the Baghdad museum, which had been heavily financed by Hussain. Many items of great importance relating to our ancient Aryan history were destroyed or looted.