Saturday, 30 May 2015

We've talked about the Aryans being the original farmers - and that the term 'Ar' is both the root of 'Arya' (Aryan) and 'arable' (land to plough). Many Indo-European words meaning 'to plough' are  the same as 'Aryan', for example the Old English 'Erian' and Gothic 'Arjan'.

Our Germanic ancestors pictured the constellation Ursa Major as a plough. The Viking Norse word for plough was 'arþr' (Arthur) which is probably how the christian distortion of the name to 'Arthurs Wain' (as in King Arthur) came about. Other Germanic names for Ursa Major included 'Churle's wain' (mens wagon - with Ursa Minor being 'Lady's wain) - again christians corrupted the name so it became 'Charles Wain' after Charlemagne.

Whilst today the symbol is used by Irish republicans and leftist's it shouldn't be forgotten that the term Eire (Ireland) itself means 'Ara' (Eirean = Aryan).

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wotan's Krieger has done some excellent work continuing with the study of the Blitzbundle symbol on his Armanenschaft blog here. Wotan's Krieger mentions the works of  Walther Blachetta and his book 'Das Buch der Deutschen Sinnzeichen'. This book will be of interest to anyone studying Germanic symbolism - an on line copy (in German) can be found here.

Blachetta (born 10th May 1891) was a lecturer on folklore and folk song, edited numerous magazines and papers, studied runelore and authored many books, including books on the runes, the Midsommer and Winter solstice holidays and was a high ranking member of the SS. No doubt much of his work will be appearing on this blog sometime in the future! 


Thursday, 7 May 2015

The destruction of our heritage

A friend sent me this picture today of a viking rune stone defaced with marxist graffiti. Why would anyone want to destroy or deface our heritage? These acts of desecration are mindless. However the state and church often encourage these acts.

This is an engraving on one of the stones at the Sachsenhain (Saxon Grove) dedicated to the 4500 Saxon pagans who died under Charles the Butcher. The engraving  was carved by an evangelical church. What right does a church have to deface a monument dedicated to pagan Saxons with christian phrases?

The worse cases of destruction to our most ancient heritage is happening right now in the middle East as ISIS destroy all non-Islamic religious objects that they find. However, they didn't start this destruction - the British and Americans did with the illegal invasion of Iraq. One of the  'targets' of the Gulf war was the Baghdad museum, which had been heavily financed by Hussain. Many items of great importance relating to our ancient Aryan history were destroyed or looted. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fascinating and disturbing documentary  on the Real destruction of post war Germany.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Walpurgisopfer - An offering to Walpurgis

Wonderful illustration by Fidus. A warrior with an Irminsul style chest pattern offers his sword to the goddess Walpurgis. Around her feet are the roots of the Birch tree whilst in the distance passes a White Horse. 

The May Pole - Mai Baum

I'd like to continue a little on the theme of the May Pole. As I mentioned in the previous posts the Maibaum or May Tree is the continental name we English give to the May Pole. The symbolism is the very same. The Pole is raised in May and coincides with the Walpurgis celebrations. Symbolising the Irminsul in its role as World Axis - the Pole is raised in May to represent the summer months, and it is raised again in winter - the Yulebaum or Yule tree to represent the winter. The dance around the pole is called the Maitanz (May Dance). The Maibaum, as the name implies is often a decorated tree - and the most common tree used is the Birch tree - again this connects with the Birch Rune Berkano-Beorc as also mentioned before. The Birch tree is a very fast growing tree, often the first tree to grow in reforested land, and as you'll know has a beautiful white paper like bark. The Birch (just like the Yew and Ash) certainly has Yggdrasil symbolism connected to it - perhaps this is the White-Tree of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings?   

Above and Below - National Socialists honour the coming summer months by raising the Maibaum

May Pole image on this NS publication

The Maitanz or May Dance.

In England the dance is formed by dancers each holding one of the coloured ribbons (these ribbons are often brightly coloured, whilst the German tradition often uses Blue and White - the colours of Bayer-Bavaria, which itself stems from the word Bauer meaning peasant - thus a continuation of these rural and heathen customs). These dancers then dance around the pole passing the other dancers one side then another so that the ribbons form a knotted pattern down the pole. The dance is then performed in reverse which frees the ribbons from its braid.

 Day of the Nationalist Worker. 1 May 1933

Today is associated with the workers, a holiday that has its roots in Germanic paganism. Traditions would include raising a Maibaum or May Tree - an Irminsul-May pole  style structure which acted just like the Yule-tree at winter, but now raised to celebrate the coming summer.

 Such a shame that today has been hijacked by the slave class marxists. 

A May Tree from Munich in traditional south German colours.