Thursday, 30 April 2015

Runic flags of the Wandervogel

The Wandervogel were a German Lebensform (Life Reformist) youth movement, active prior to the National Socialist awakening, however they certainly attributed to this awakening, as they held proto-National Socialist style views -   they were against the urbanisation of the land, against capitalism and were very nationalist - regardless of what modern 'historians' claim about them. They respected nature and idolised the ancient Germanic past. The name Wandervogel is a play on words - often lost when translating into English. Wander Vogel means a Free Bird, however Vogel can mean Spirit (as in Waldvogel which in English would be a Willo-the Wisp type woodland spirit), so Wandervogel can also mean a 'Free Spirit'.  The Wandervogel had no central leadership but was a movement, a collective of like minded folk. Eventually the Wandervogel merged with the Hitler Youth (not disbanded as our enemies would like to think) - this cross over of membership can be seen in the fact that so many HJ flags had their design originating in the Wandervogel. 

Wandervogel Wolf Hook on a Black Banner

This runic flag of the Wandervogel has a very interesting runic binding - perhaps inspired by this book by Hermann Lons

This Wandervogel design became a flag of the Hitler Youth