Thursday, 2 April 2015


This season is rule over by the goddess Ostara. Her name literally means East-star (hence the christian term Easter) and is a reference to the planet Venus, the Star in the East, who shines brightest each morning as she reflects the light of the Rising Sun - hence Ostara is a goddess of the New Dawn, new beginnings, the morning and the spring.   The Germanic names for April contain her name - Ōstar-mānod, Easter-mōnaþ.  She is very much the 'light' aspect of the Aryan goddess Arya, who we also call Tara. Freya represents Tara but in a darker role - the setting sun, a war goddess and goddess of the West. Whilst we find that Freya is the sister of Frey, Ostara in the sister of Ing (who is Frey in his role as the god of the light-born). Ostara's symbols include the hare and egg, hence the Easter bunny.