Thursday, 30 April 2015

"It is necessary that I shall die for my people. But my spirit will rise from the grave and the world shall know that I was right." 

Tonight is Walpurgisnacht - an important date in the Germanic pagan calendar. In many ways it is a Germanic 'halloween' when the spirits of our ancestors can visit the world of the living. This holiday  is especially important in the Harz mountain region of Germany - famous for their witch theme celebrations.

The top quote are said to be the worlds of Adolf Hitler and it was on this night that the gods reclaimed their chosen son! For this night is the Night of The Slain! Like the archetypal hero who sleeps under the sacred mountain, we find the Spirit of Hitler endures - the idea of National Socialism lives on! If we look at the etymology of Walpurgis we find some different aspects to this idea. An alternative spelling is Walburg. This relates to the sacred burial mounds. Wal (Val - as in Valhalla, Valkyrie etc.) is the Slain and burg is the mountain, hence this night is sacred to the folk heroes who still reside within the folk-soul, the warrior-kings who dwell under the mountain, be they King Arthur, Barbarossa, Bran the Blessed or even King Harold to name a few. Walburg - the Mountain of the slain - is represented by the Birch (Berkano) rune,which when laid horizontally forms the shape of the burial mound / mountains. Of course this is also the rune of Birth and new life. The Tomb and the Womb. Life - Death - Rebirth. The spirit of Hitler, who died on this night, still resides in the Sacred Mountain - will one day be reborn!

Another aspect of the word Walpurgis is from the Anglo-Saxon Wal or Weal which means foreigner, hence the English term Wales and Welsh which originally meant foreigner and the term purgis which can also mean  to purge (to remove) thus Walpurgis is to Purge us from the foreigner! (thank you to WI for sharing this idea!)