Thursday, 23 April 2015

For patriotic Englishmen, today is 'St Georges' day. The history of Saint George may be foreign to the English, but the  image certainly is not. To be honest - George isn't a 'saint' in the christian concept - they certainly never made him a saint  for killing a dragon because christians do not believe in dragons! The image of the dragon slayer is another example of Heathen lore being retold in christian times. For George the dragon slayer is really Sigurd the Dragon Slayer! This legend is true to the English, a story that our forefathers would have once told to their children - and they would have even been able to visit the location of his dragon slaying - the Dragon Hill near Uffington. But even older than these tales are the ancient Aryan tales from Aryan Iran of a folk-hero who founded the nation of Georgia. This wasn't saint George, but a Wolfhead- an outlaw. From the old Aryan word  *vṛka we get both the name George and Varg (wolf). It was this George - an Iranian folk hero from pagan legend who founded the Wolf-Tribes of this region and founded the nation of Georgia. Even today, ethnic groups found within Georgia (such as the Sven) still trace their linage back to the wolf. George - the 'patron' of England was a Wolf-Head!

So let the English civic nationalists argue over which christian patron saint should be the patron of the English - for those still true to the volkish and pagan roots of English Nationalism today is the day of the Wolf-Head!