Monday, 23 March 2015

what's wrong with this picture?

When I first cam across this poster I immediately noticed a few things wrong with it. Firstly the star of david is red not blue, but more importantly the hand shake is wrong. No National Socialist would ever shake hands in this manner - for this is a Freemason hand shake and Freemasons were bared from the SS and SA and their dark lodges made illegal! It turns out that these posters were produced in the 1950's for museums. So, as with so much of the propaganda regarding National Socialist Germany - it is a fake.

The true way Aryan kinsman would greet is first with the open handed Heil Salute. The open hand salute comes from ancient Aryan sun worship - were the extended arm would shield your eyes from the suns glare. It is also a outwards sign of honesty and openness - unlike the clenched fist of the communists. The true Aryan hand shake is as below -