Friday, 6 March 2015

Well, as you may have noticed - the number of posts I've been making has slowed somewhat. But of course, now spring is coming and the weather is warmer, so I've been spending a lot more time in the woods and working on the veg patches! Still - being outside is where a true heathen belongs. Woden's Folk - England's only folkish Wodenist movement holds ALL of their moots outside. The great outdoors is the Heathen Temple! This is a fundamental difference between the pagan and abrahamic faiths. The abrahamic god is a man made creation thus he lives in a man made house. Were as the pagan and heathen faiths where practised outdoors - where we are closer to our gods and goddesses.

The churches and mosques were built in towns and cities in attempt to convert the masses. At the same time the very design of these buildings meant only the 'priesthood' or chosen few were able to stand at the alter. The congregation simply took their orders from the front. In contrast - in the heathen faiths, everybody is a priest.   Everybody has the ability to connect to god, in whichever or whatever way they choose. Remember always - God dwells within your sacred blood! 

Here we see the remains of Knowlton church. Why does it lay in ruin? Well the church was built in the middle of a pagan site. And christianity has no place outside the towns and cities! The folk who would have used the site originally were the rural folk. The term pagan itself comes from the Roman word rural and was used as an insult towards the rural folk (we heathens use the Germanic term, which means 'from the heath'). Thus the cold stone house of god was not needed by these folk. They saw god in the hills and trees, the streams and rivers and all living things. We still witness gods work in the changing seasons and in the new life that will be springing from our sacred soil. We have no need for false priests!