Friday, 20 March 2015

Today we had the solar eclipse, which was only a partial eclipse for us in the UK, but a total eclipse for those in the far north.

Personally I thought the solar eclipse was a good omen. We have the start of spring today, and we also have a 'super moon' (the scientific name is  a perigee moon). A super moon is when a full moon coincides with its closest approach to Earth.

In regards to the omen, it seems to me that we have a new stronger sun (the length of sun light grows longer from this day until the summer sunwende) - the root of the word moon also gives us 'man', so we have a new man(kind) and a new season of light. The earth, the sun and man all reawakened after the frosty winter.

Ostara is the goddess who resides over the spring season. She is the spring-goddess who drives the winter-goddess Holda (Frau Holla) away for another year.