Friday, 13 March 2015

This is one of the many cheap rings produced in Asia that have found their way onto the market. But the symbol is very interesting - only recently has the symbol made a real appearance in Germanic cultural circles. But what is the symbol and where it it from?

The meaning of this sign is not too clear - though there seems to be a connection with thunder. The symbol (in its single form) certainly looks like a stylised Sieg rune but with rounded ends. The origins of the sign can be traced to Germanic spear heads found in Germany and Ukraine.

This image from a National Socialist runology book details the Swastika and 'thunder bolt' more clearly. 

The circled symbols (both the two and three ringed versions) represent the SUN. The crescent sign is the MOON.

We can also see both left and right handed swastikas.

We can see on both examples the thunder bolt symbol, the left spear has these two strikes in union.