Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Odal rune is the rune of the Racial Homeland. The shape itself can be compared to the Earth sitting on the shoulders of the Titan Atlas. The name Atlas is the same as the root At-Al which is the root of race - the racial homeland. There is a overlap here with the root *tele which means to support or to lift. Tele is the root of Thule, the Ur-Heimat of the Aryan race, whose symbol is the Irminsul. The role of the Irminsul is hold the cosmos in place. 

Tal - Tel - Tul

A-Tal  = Tele = Thule

Atal = Odal

In this carving we can see the Irminsul on the left and Atlas on the right - both symbolising holding the world in order. This carving is in Afghanistan - an ancient Aryan homeland.