Monday, 23 March 2015

what's wrong with this picture?

When I first cam across this poster I immediately noticed a few things wrong with it. Firstly the star of david is red not blue, but more importantly the hand shake is wrong. No National Socialist would ever shake hands in this manner - for this is a Freemason hand shake and Freemasons were bared from the SS and SA and their dark lodges made illegal! It turns out that these posters were produced in the 1950's for museums. So, as with so much of the propaganda regarding National Socialist Germany - it is a fake.

The true way Aryan kinsman would greet is first with the open handed Heil Salute. The open hand salute comes from ancient Aryan sun worship - were the extended arm would shield your eyes from the suns glare. It is also a outwards sign of honesty and openness - unlike the clenched fist of the communists. The true Aryan hand shake is as below - 

Eight armed Swastika - Sign of the Vehmic court

This Eight armed Swastika is often called the Sign of the Vehmic courts - but what are the Vehmic courts? They were known by numerous names - Vehmgericht, holy Vehme or the Vehm, also spelt Feme, Vehmegericht, Fehmgericht, the name comes from the Germanic word 'vëme' meaning punishment. These were 'secret courts' who acted to pass judgement on criminals by pro-vigilantly secret brotherhoods originally based around Dortmund. It was said that any Pure Blooded German could become a judge in the Vehmic court. This courts continued until the 16th century.

The kinsmen who know me will certainly know of my personal interest in the Hail-Hagal rune. I found this Hagal rune logo on-line recently - following the links the magazine from which it is the logo of looks very interesting! Unfortunately I don't speak Flemish or French, but if you do this link may be an interest to you... 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Today we had the solar eclipse, which was only a partial eclipse for us in the UK, but a total eclipse for those in the far north.

Personally I thought the solar eclipse was a good omen. We have the start of spring today, and we also have a 'super moon' (the scientific name is  a perigee moon). A super moon is when a full moon coincides with its closest approach to Earth.

In regards to the omen, it seems to me that we have a new stronger sun (the length of sun light grows longer from this day until the summer sunwende) - the root of the word moon also gives us 'man', so we have a new man(kind) and a new season of light. The earth, the sun and man all reawakened after the frosty winter.

Ostara is the goddess who resides over the spring season. She is the spring-goddess who drives the winter-goddess Holda (Frau Holla) away for another year. 

Many christians are currently observing Lent, which started on the 18th. Lent was originally the period of time around the equiniox. The word itself comes from the Anglo-Saxon 'to lengthen' and is a reference to the suns growing power as the amount of sunlight each day lengthens. Now is the time to praise our Earth goddesses, Erce, Sif and Erda as we start to sow our crops. Why the christians celebrate this 'holiday' with self denial is beyond me? Perhaps if you are a christian you give up Jesus for Lent?  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

for mothering sunday.

In a time of universal deceit -

 telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Odal rune is the rune of the Racial Homeland. The shape itself can be compared to the Earth sitting on the shoulders of the Titan Atlas. The name Atlas is the same as the root At-Al which is the root of race - the racial homeland. There is a overlap here with the root *tele which means to support or to lift. Tele is the root of Thule, the Ur-Heimat of the Aryan race, whose symbol is the Irminsul. The role of the Irminsul is hold the cosmos in place. 

Tal - Tel - Tul

A-Tal  = Tele = Thule

Atal = Odal

In this carving we can see the Irminsul on the left and Atlas on the right - both symbolising holding the world in order. This carving is in Afghanistan - an ancient Aryan homeland.
Tarnhari's Runebinding

Tarnhari was a member of the List Society, who studied the hidden runic lore concealed within European heraldry. 

Tarnharis real name was Ernst Lauterer and he used his own surname to demonstrate these hidden runic elements.

Tarnhari claimed his own surname derived from the runes - Laf Tar and Ar - as found in the byname of Wotan - Ulaftarhari. Tarnhari claimed to have traced his own ancestry back to the sixteen hundreds to the family Lautrer von Dofering. Below is one of his books which explained his family name in rune-lore.

A little while ago, I mentioned I'd write an article regarding European laws which ban our heritage.

There seems to be some grey areas in regards to all the information - the swastika for example is totally banned, however the sale of stamps and Third Reich postcards etc. is perfectly legal even if it depicts a swastika. The image of Hitler is also fine - in fact as a world leader his image appears on more notes and stamps bar Queen Elizabeth II.

All forms of the swastika are banned from public display -  curved, straight, left or right handed. This is punishable under Strafgesetzbuch section 86a laws or "use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations". However as you can imagine this is nothing more than a ad hock law which is constantly changed to suit the system. 

In regards to the runes themselves - the Algiz rune which is most commonly called the Life rune, or Lebenrune in German is allowed, as is the Odal (Ethel) rune if used is a historical symbol. I have seen some websites that state this sign is now banned - which would not surprise me. All the other runes are legal - except the Sieg rune and the Double Sieg rune SS symbols.

Some years back a court case ruled that only National Socialist slogans and phrases written in German were illegal, so to use the phrases 'Sieg Heil', 'Blut und Boden' or 'Meine Ehre Heißt Treue' is punishable, however 'Hail Victory' if used in English was not. To sideline for one moment - the phrase 'White Power' itself was never used in National Socialist Germany - and you'll find very little evidence of  white supremacist teachings in Third Reich books or publications. The phrase 'White Power' was an American invention from the 1950's - namely via George Lincoln Rockwell. The German emphasis was on racial purely and nobility - traits ALL races have the right to pursue.  Still - that FACT doesn't stop the enemies of our volk spreading their lies!

Other banned symbols include the Wolf Hook - even though the symbol appears on many (possibly hundreds) of heraldic shields and monuments. Eternal Flame - a symbol used by many nationalist groups across Europe and the Celtic Cross / Sunwheel symbol, which itself is thousands of years old. the Totenkopt-Deaths Head insignia is banned, even though the symbol pre-dates National Socialist Germany and comes from the Prussian Hussar regiments (also used by Polish Hussars).  The Black Sun for sometime escaped this ban, but I'm not sure if that is still the case? And of course the greatest irony is that symbols like the communist star, hammer and sickle, christian cross and star of david, all of which symbolise movements or ideas which have killed countless millions, far more than  all the deaths from WW2 combined - are perfectly legal!

Friday, 13 March 2015

This is one of the many cheap rings produced in Asia that have found their way onto the market. But the symbol is very interesting - only recently has the symbol made a real appearance in Germanic cultural circles. But what is the symbol and where it it from?

The meaning of this sign is not too clear - though there seems to be a connection with thunder. The symbol (in its single form) certainly looks like a stylised Sieg rune but with rounded ends. The origins of the sign can be traced to Germanic spear heads found in Germany and Ukraine.

This image from a National Socialist runology book details the Swastika and 'thunder bolt' more clearly. 

The circled symbols (both the two and three ringed versions) represent the SUN. The crescent sign is the MOON.

We can also see both left and right handed swastikas.

We can see on both examples the thunder bolt symbol, the left spear has these two strikes in union.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Well, as you may have noticed - the number of posts I've been making has slowed somewhat. But of course, now spring is coming and the weather is warmer, so I've been spending a lot more time in the woods and working on the veg patches! Still - being outside is where a true heathen belongs. Woden's Folk - England's only folkish Wodenist movement holds ALL of their moots outside. The great outdoors is the Heathen Temple! This is a fundamental difference between the pagan and abrahamic faiths. The abrahamic god is a man made creation thus he lives in a man made house. Were as the pagan and heathen faiths where practised outdoors - where we are closer to our gods and goddesses.

The churches and mosques were built in towns and cities in attempt to convert the masses. At the same time the very design of these buildings meant only the 'priesthood' or chosen few were able to stand at the alter. The congregation simply took their orders from the front. In contrast - in the heathen faiths, everybody is a priest.   Everybody has the ability to connect to god, in whichever or whatever way they choose. Remember always - God dwells within your sacred blood! 

Here we see the remains of Knowlton church. Why does it lay in ruin? Well the church was built in the middle of a pagan site. And christianity has no place outside the towns and cities! The folk who would have used the site originally were the rural folk. The term pagan itself comes from the Roman word rural and was used as an insult towards the rural folk (we heathens use the Germanic term, which means 'from the heath'). Thus the cold stone house of god was not needed by these folk. They saw god in the hills and trees, the streams and rivers and all living things. We still witness gods work in the changing seasons and in the new life that will be springing from our sacred soil. We have no need for false priests!