Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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This book cover from National Socialist Germany has on its cover yet another example of the Irminsul symbol. If we look at the close-up on the right, we can see that there is a child with what appears to be a halo within the arms of the Irminsul. This symbolism fits perfectly with Wulf's Prophecy - a Wodenic prophecy regarding the 'end times' - and especially these following verses taken from the prophecy - 

The Milky Way, our galaxy,
Born at the Centre of the Tree,
A Man-Child - Virile Warrior,
Son of the Wolf, the Mother bore.

Son of Woden - Son of Earth,
The Womb of England shall give birth:
The Child of Light shall wield the Sword,
From out his mouth shall come The Word.

This is perhaps why the National Socialist's view the Irminsul as the true 'tree of life'!