Monday, 23 February 2015

Third Reich Pilgrim - The Ruins of Power.

This book by Karl Young is the personal and thought provoking account of a spiritual pilgrimage to the Fatherland. All around Germany the ruins of National Socialism slowly decay as a modern Germany is installed with the false sense of shame - the industry of lies and falsehoods that mould the minds of the German volk. However, to those like Young what remains in Germany is evidence that the spiritually awaken were able to shake off the chains of an alien creed and usury to create a nation based on the religion of Blood. The monuments to this greatest of movements lay all around Germany, for those with an open-mind to see and witness. There is a greatness in Germany - created in 1933 for us still to see - The Ruins of Power!

The book is written in a very personal manner, reflecting on his deepest thoughts and emotions, he travels around Germany, visiting many of the places we hold most sacred. As someone who has also visited some of these sites I share in the awe and sadness in what Germany is, then and now.  

This book is available from SIDDHARREICH here - but numbers are now limited!