Monday, 23 February 2015

The runes lay deep within the Aryan psyche. They dwell as symbols of instinct, installed in the evolution of our people over hundreds of thousands of years, which makes them unique to our race. Thus they are keys to greater knowledge and a better understanding of who we are.

Because of this, there are forces at work today who would wish to control the runes - as they represent the bridge between our race and our Gods. However they are not part of our enemies physical being so will always remain outside of their control.

One way the enemy of our folk can suppress the runes is to 'ban' certain symbols and signs. This includes the runes to some degree. The Sieg rune, Odal rune, Sunwheel etc are all banned in Germany and many parts of Europe (I'll post an article with a more complete list another time). However, the runes signs (the runes as we write them) are only an outward symbol  in which we can read the name and see the shape, the true meaning of the rune is an invocation within our Blood and a manifestation of action! This can never be banned!

An example would be when we greet the sun - we face the sun and shield our eyes - this is a manifestation of the Ken run. 

Another tactic used by our oppressors is to 'dilute' the meanings of the runes - to twist the meaning and represent the runes as something they are not. This can only be done by corrupting the weaker minded members of our race into excepting this new translation. So the runes are reinvented as fashion symbols and our gods comic book heroes. Here is another example - 

Why it is that clothing sold by Thor Steinar (which openly uses Viking and Germanic symbolism and icons) often leads to the cries of racist - yet some retailers, who deliberately target the sheeple - with the very same symbols is openly encouraged? It is simply to distort the runes!

despite the fact the 'runic' symbols are subtle and discrete - wearing Thor Steinar clothing will often lead to accusations of 'racist'

Yet this type of fashion is encouraged! The cap is clearly modelled on American Hip Hop fashion, which is alien to our race. Seems the runes are perfectly acceptable when money is to be made.