Thursday, 15 January 2015

Woden - god of the Männerbünde und Wehrbauern!

Heraldic shields and flags often preserve the regional historical origins and customs - if we look at the flag of Börde we find that this peasant region of Germany bares the image of Woden!

If we look at the name Börde, also spelt Boerds - we see it having the same etymology as the Dutch/Afrikaans 'Boers' meaning 'farmer'. Woden has always been the God of the peasant Saxon Wehrbauern and Männerbünde  (The South African Boer are an excellent example of the Wehrbauer - militant Germanic farmers who fought the Rothschild's led British Army 1 2

The flag of Börde is highly symbolic -

Clearly we see here the figure of Woden upon his white horse. He holds his spear Gungnir and a Germanic Hege-shield. More importantly he wears a mask depicting his role as Grim. He also is seen riding over a serpent - again highly symbolic of the god Woden.

Our history was hidden and incorporated into such heraldic customs and local tradition, more often than not goes unnoticed by the majority of folk.