Sunday, 28 December 2014

Morning Concecrations 

Siegfried Adolf Kummer

Most holy Fuotan, All-Father,
Thou, who art eternally threefold in, around, and above me,
I consecrate my Self, my Life, anew in true Love to Thee; 
free me, cleanse me from everything base and impure,    
let Divine Love, Wisdom and Will flow through my Self,    
so that I may lessen my Garma;    
because my heart, my blood calls out to the Sun, Arahari,      
to Thee!

Guard me against evil, dark powers and racial guilt,    
give me Love, joy in being, happiness and patience. 
Through Thy Divine Triad my heart glows,   
over Arising-Being-Passing away I stream sunward.   
For Thy mercy eternal thanks; 

I have reached understanding through whispering Runes.  
I strive heroically nearer to Thee,  
therefore forgive even me!     
Sig-Tyr, Sig-Tyr, Sig-Tyr!