Saturday, 6 December 2014

Little Yule

Little Yule and Wodan's day

In some translations of SS books on the solstice, there is a miss-translation in regards to the ancient feasts of Wodan. Sometimes dated the 16th of December, whilst others will widely suggest July (probably a miss-translation of Jul meaning Yule) the Germanic celebrations of gift giving were preserved in the Low Countries and continues to today - and this is on the 6th December. SS Obergruppenf├╝hrer Fritz Weitzel made it clear in his books for SS families that this day belonged to Wodan!

 Across the Germanic Low Countries gifts are given today in what was once called 'Little Yule'. It is of course Saint Nicolas day and much of the traditions and customs centred around St Nick were inherited from the ancient rituals and worship of Wodan (for this article I'm using the Dutch spelling).

You may have seen news stories recently from Holland where protesters complained about 'Black Pete'. The stories of St Nick (Old Nick being a term for Satan as well) originate in the tales of Wodan and the Wild Hunt.

I don't believe the 'Black Pete' refers to an African - it is a christianisation of a character called Krampus - and underworld creature that (nowadays) accompanies St Nicolas, but originally would have been one of the ghoul type creatures who rode upon the Wild Hunt led by Wodan. There is still a strong tradition of dressing up as Krampus in Germany and Scandinavia.

Krampus costumes - and the root of 'Old Nick' borrowed from Saint Nicolas

Christianity is such a thin veil! He rides a white horse over the northern sky and to many millions of children his home is in the North Pole (Thule-Hyperborea). Today, even though his sledge is pulled by Reindeer and he no longer rides his white horse (though the folk customs of the Germanic Low Countries have kept this tradition intact) it is easy to see the figure of Wodan here!