Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Frau Holle

You will have no doubt read some articles regarding the 'liminal' - but what does this mean? The Liminal is the transition - the change from this year to the next, from the dark to the light; and as the wheel of the year turns (from where we get the term Yule) - and there is a particular goddess who rules over this period - Frau Holle. 

Recently I found an interesting picture of Frau Holle, which actually describes her as the Goddess of the Liminal.  She is a goddess of change and transition and often depicted at a window or door.

She is credited with bringing the winter snow and many believe she gave her name to Holland.

We know Frau Holle by many names -  Frau Holda, Huld and Mother Hulda and she is also known to lead the Wild Hunt, which rides over the northern sky during this time of year - as a female companion to Woden, hence her other titles being  Frau Guaden [Wodan], Frau Goden and Frau Frekke. She is sometimes seen as an Earth goddess with the Holly tree being her sacred tree.

The Solstice means Sol (sun) Sistere (to stand still) which refers to the 3 days between the shortest day (21st) and the start of the new Solar year on the 25th (hence the Sun god is born of this day). For three days the length of daylight doesn't change. These three days are ruled over by Frau Holle and is when the Wild Hunt passes over head!