Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Dream Rune

As you will know from my previous posts I often use the Hagal rune and replace the 'g' with 'y'. In Germanic languages the letters are interchangeable. link

Hagal is a protecting rune - Hayal is a rune I use to help clear my mind and can be used to invoke dreams. I pronounce 'Hayal' as 'Hail'.

We find the word Hayal in the Indo-Iranian languages and the word means 'dream'. In the Ario-Indian languages it means to 'clear your mind'. The word is also used to describe a hill top.

The word Hayal is often used in Iran and surrounding places as a first name for girls. The English would be Hayley, an old English name which originally meant a 'cleared field'. The word 'Hay' comes from this, which links back to the word 'Hail' as Hail, Hay, Hey and Heil are all a form of greeting. 

Use the galdr 'Hayal' to clear your mind before invoking dreams or visions and the 'Hagal' galdr to protect yourself from negative forces.