Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rune charging!

Runes hold a power, much like the electrical charge in a battery! When we work with the runes we make connections to their deeper mysteries, form personal opinions around their meanings and discover new insights and uses for them. This rune working builds up a 'charge' which can be used. I use runes nearly everyday - in my artwork, articles for magazine, on my blogs and various other tasks and activities. This daily connection furthers my understanding of the runes. We can also further our understanding, thus producing more 'charge' via runic yoga, runic chanting and hand mantras etc. 

This charge can be 'used' when you have built up the charge sufficiently. This means that the energy you have created can then be used in a rune reading, to perhaps solve a mystery or answer a question. The more charge you have the greater the insight. Another was of using this charge is via blots and rituals - which should have a purpose - again the more energy or charge, the greater the effect.

Performing rune readings for trivial matters will - just like a battery - drain the energy you have created, and after some time the energy will be spent. Avoid using the runes for such petty questions - after all the runes hold the key to answering questions about our history and our destiny! They are a path to understanding our most inner thoughts and feelings and a way to communicate with the folk-soul  -thus not to be taken lightly.

Books you can buy are only a guide to understanding the runes - and some books are designed to deliberately destroy the connection our race has with them - but most rune-books will give you a starting place where you can start your journey on discovering the meaning of the runes. You should always be open minded and remember your own experiences will influence your understanding of the runes and will help shape their meanings in a personal way. Avoid those folk who commit to such a ridged interpretation based on 'historical' texts - the runes are 'mystical' and stand outside the laws of time!!

Remember, the more you work with the runes - the great their 'charge' will become. 

Reyn Til Runa!

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