Sunday, 9 November 2014


Well, today is November 9. A most sacred day in the National Socialist calendar. On this day there was a mass awakening in Germany. So whilst the day is young and these thoughts are still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd put together this short article of the Ken rune and it's relation to the Heil salute. I think in the future I will write a longer and more in depth article upon the history of the salute.

The Heilgruß is the 'Heil Greeting' - and in NS Germany was a runic stance connected to the Kaun rune (Kenaz) - which is the rune of Knowledge and enlightenment, thus certainly a fitting rune. 

In Alfred Ritcher's book 'The Form and Meaning of the Heil Greeting' Ritcher connects the Heil Salute with the Kaun rune - as seen below

The wording above the second figure reads Die K Kaun Rune (The K Kaun rune)
Kaun is a variation of Kenaz

This book detailed the meanings of the Salute and how one should and should not perform the greeting!

Of course we all know the rune is used to symbolise the Torch - itself a symbol of Enlightenment and Awakening. The word Awaken even includes the rune name ken - awaKEN!

These images below reflect the deeper mysteries of the Kenaz/Kaun rune - the rune of the Torch and the Heil Salute!