Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ornately decorated issue of Mein Kampf with heathen symbols and runes!

The Sieg rune

The Swastika

The Spiral

The Hagal rune  

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Well, today is November 9. A most sacred day in the National Socialist calendar. On this day there was a mass awakening in Germany. So whilst the day is young and these thoughts are still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd put together this short article of the Ken rune and it's relation to the Heil salute. I think in the future I will write a longer and more in depth article upon the history of the salute.

The Heilgruß is the 'Heil Greeting' - and in NS Germany was a runic stance connected to the Kaun rune (Kenaz) - which is the rune of Knowledge and enlightenment, thus certainly a fitting rune. 

In Alfred Ritcher's book 'The Form and Meaning of the Heil Greeting' Ritcher connects the Heil Salute with the Kaun rune - as seen below

The wording above the second figure reads Die K Kaun Rune (The K Kaun rune)
Kaun is a variation of Kenaz

This book detailed the meanings of the Salute and how one should and should not perform the greeting!

Of course we all know the rune is used to symbolise the Torch - itself a symbol of Enlightenment and Awakening. The word Awaken even includes the rune name ken - awaKEN!

These images below reflect the deeper mysteries of the Kenaz/Kaun rune - the rune of the Torch and the Heil Salute!

On this kristall clear night,

Slay the dragon.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Dream Rune

As you will know from my previous posts I often use the Hagal rune and replace the 'g' with 'y'. In Germanic languages the letters are interchangeable. link

Hagal is a protecting rune - Hayal is a rune I use to help clear my mind and can be used to invoke dreams. I pronounce 'Hayal' as 'Hail'.

We find the word Hayal in the Indo-Iranian languages and the word means 'dream'. In the Ario-Indian languages it means to 'clear your mind'. The word is also used to describe a hill top.

The word Hayal is often used in Iran and surrounding places as a first name for girls. The English would be Hayley, an old English name which originally meant a 'cleared field'. The word 'Hay' comes from this, which links back to the word 'Hail' as Hail, Hay, Hey and Heil are all a form of greeting. 

Use the galdr 'Hayal' to clear your mind before invoking dreams or visions and the 'Hagal' galdr to protect yourself from negative forces.

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Stan rune

The Stan rune appears in the Anglo Saxon rune rows. It means Stone. I've often wondered about this rune and the relation it has with the suffix -stan in many Middle Eastern countries. I've often made references to the connection in previous articles.

To understand the meaning of the English rune 'Stan' we need to look at our ancient history. The word Stan has its roots in the Aryan-Iranian word *Sta which meant to 'stay' and to 'stand'.

The same PIE root gives us 'stone' or 'stein' in German. Here we have the idea of a double meaning - as a 'standing stone' contains the root word twice. Many standing stones were raised as field markers or as border stones - stones which marked out land boundaries. The suffix -stan used in many Middle Eastern country names use the suffix for the same reason. Whilst most of these countries are Muslim, the word stems from the old Aryan Persian.

This rune can then be used in a form of pre-ritual magic - to help prepare ourselves for ritual work. When we perform our rites we STAND facing north. We position our body in the STANCE of the rune, or in the Heil salute. We become rooting the the spot where we STAY. We are STEADFAST in our belief. This rune can also be used to further the connection we have with land - and to protect the land from outsiders - a form of spiritual boundary  - to define what is ours.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rune charging!

Runes hold a power, much like the electrical charge in a battery! When we work with the runes we make connections to their deeper mysteries, form personal opinions around their meanings and discover new insights and uses for them. This rune working builds up a 'charge' which can be used. I use runes nearly everyday - in my artwork, articles for magazine, on my blogs and various other tasks and activities. This daily connection furthers my understanding of the runes. We can also further our understanding, thus producing more 'charge' via runic yoga, runic chanting and hand mantras etc. 

This charge can be 'used' when you have built up the charge sufficiently. This means that the energy you have created can then be used in a rune reading, to perhaps solve a mystery or answer a question. The more charge you have the greater the insight. Another was of using this charge is via blots and rituals - which should have a purpose - again the more energy or charge, the greater the effect.

Performing rune readings for trivial matters will - just like a battery - drain the energy you have created, and after some time the energy will be spent. Avoid using the runes for such petty questions - after all the runes hold the key to answering questions about our history and our destiny! They are a path to understanding our most inner thoughts and feelings and a way to communicate with the folk-soul  -thus not to be taken lightly.

Books you can buy are only a guide to understanding the runes - and some books are designed to deliberately destroy the connection our race has with them - but most rune-books will give you a starting place where you can start your journey on discovering the meaning of the runes. You should always be open minded and remember your own experiences will influence your understanding of the runes and will help shape their meanings in a personal way. Avoid those folk who commit to such a ridged interpretation based on 'historical' texts - the runes are 'mystical' and stand outside the laws of time!!

Remember, the more you work with the runes - the great their 'charge' will become. 

Reyn Til Runa!

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