Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Double Sieg rune

The Double Sieg rune emblem of the SS was the creation of Walter Heck, an SS Sturmhauptführer who in 1933 was working as a graphic designer for Ferdinand Hoffstatter, where he designed the SS emblem.

This rune represents the Victory of the Sun - which is also symbolised but the swastika. One way of viewing the swastika is by binding two Sieg runes together at right angles - thus producing the swastika.

The Sieg rune (like the swastika) are emblems of the thunder god - Thor/Donar/Thunor. The Sieg rune symbolises the sparks from his hammer - which was how our ancestors interpreted the lightening bolts they saw during thunder storms - the Sieg rune itself is the lightning flash - a symbol used by both National Socialists and Fascist movements (the BUF for example) alike.

Double Sieg lightning bolts from Thunor!