Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Irmin's way

A wonderful photo of the Milky Way. It is clear to see the two arms extending from the central trunk forming the Cosmic Irminsul. Without all the light pollution we suffer today, our ancestors would have had the privilege of viewing the Irminsul-Milky Way every clear night! I spent a year living in rural Wartheland and shared the same privilege! Since then I have always worn a silver Irminsul pendant, based on the silvercraft of Otto Gahr.

The principle sign of National Socialism is of course the swastika - however the more I look into the esoteric side of National Socialism, the more I find the Irminsul symbol being used. It was a symbol for the Ahnenerbe, and also several publishing houses used by the NSDAP. The SS used the Irminsul and Swastika together.

stylised Ahnenerbe logo

The four arms of the swastika behind the Irminsul symbolise the four rivers that flowed from the teats of the cosmic cow - Audhumbla. If we look at the name 'Audhumbla' it is possible that the divine cow symbolises the 'sound of creation' to which the Ario-Hindus called 'Om' - the giant Ymir shares his name with the same proto-IndoEuropean root. If we look at the name Audhumbla, there are three components - Aud (as in audio) Hum and Bla, all three refer to a noise. The Ario-Hindu name for Audhumbla is Kamadhenu, in Zoroastrianism Gavaevodata and Hathor in Egypt. 

The swastika and Audhumbla both symbolise acts of creation! Cows are still considered sacred in India. Because four rivers of milk flowed from the teats, the Irminsul gets its more common name 'the milky way'.