Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hag All magazine

The 'Hag All All Hag' was the paper of the Edda Society. The magazine followed the teachings of National Socialism and was later renamed 'Hagal'.

Many National Socialist runologists use the term 'Hagall' for this rune, a compound word 'Hag All'  - 'all protecting'.

The above picture was the front cover of one edition - and the image of the Hagal rune is very interesting, as it appears to be an ice crystal, which is one aspect of the meanings of this rune - 'hail'.

To Armanen runologists the Hagal rune was the 'Mother Rune'. The Armanen rune row was Guido von List's interpretation of the runes of  - when he envisioned these particular rune shapes whilst blind. The shapes of the runes can all be 'projected' by shining a light through a hexagonal crystal.   The Hagal rune symbolises the hexagon - which itself is the bases for a 3D cube.

The XYZ axis form the Hagal rune

In a 2D picture it is clearer to see

All the Armanen runes are represented within this shape - 

The Hagall rune was widely used by the SS for its symbolic representation of  the "unshakeable faith" (Heinrich Himmler) in Nazi philosophy.

Our ancestors clearly understood the sacred geometry of the Hagal rune. Nor was the connection to crystals a new phenomenon as the Hagal rune in one aspect is the ice crystal 'Hail' which is itself a hexagon -