Tuesday, 7 October 2014


The life and death runes and a the rising and setting sun 

I'd like to share another dream I have had in which I saw the manifestation of the runes.

The dream only lasted a few seconds perhaps? We dream whilst in a lighter sleep, and I am a light sleeper! Just before I woke up this morning, I envisioned the the sun rising above the horizon. It was not like a real sun, but all was in black and white. There were rays of light from the sun. As the sun set the imagery was the same, however reversed (upside down).

The Rays of light which came from the sun formed the rune shapes - a Lebenrune life rune as the sun rose - with the sun being in the centre where the arms would meet the stave. As the sun set, the imagery was the opposite, the light from the setting sun formed the Totenrune death rune. The sun also turned red,the only colour I recall seeing.

Now the imagery seems pretty obvious to us runeworkers so I won't bore you with that!

I work hours which means that I rarely see a rising sun. I start too early. Now the sun is the giver of all life on Earth - hence more important than any jewish god. The sun has healing properties too.

I think this dream was a reminder to me, to take time out whenever I can and witness a few more sun rises. Why would all the colour in my dream be connected to a setting/dying sun? How many folk only spend the time watching a sun rise, on the solstice perhaps?

Apricity means to appreciate the light and warmth of the sun. Something we should all do a little bit more perhaps! The sun has the power to recharge our spirit, like a battery. Its no wonder the words Solar and Soul share the same root!