Monday, 22 September 2014

The Holy and Unholy!

I make numerous references to the Hagal (Hail) rune in my posts. I have developed a growing interest in this particular rune over the last year or so. It is strange but I have noticed how various groups or individuals will adopt a single rune out of the numerous rune rows as a logo or emblem. This is natural of course, and more than likely the rune meaning will reflect the nature of the organisation or person. For example the Leben -Life rune seems very popular in Holland and Flanders, the Odal rune is widely used in Germany, whilst various English groups have adopted the Ing rune - after the English name for Frey. 

As a keen gardener I'm becoming use to the various life cycles of the different fruit and veg that I grow. As the Hagal rune binds both the life and death runes together maybe this is where the connection comes from? 

The Hagal rune I use personally is the six armed style of the Germanic rune rows. This is because I feel that it is a natural representation of the suns rays, and of the binding of Life and Death runes. When using the English 33 row or the Ar Kan Rune Lag of Woden's Folk I will use the traditional English version. However there is a very similar rune within the English rune row - but has a very different meaning.

This is the Hagal rune that I most often use - 

This is the Hagal (Haegl) rune from the English Rune rows -

This rune is from the English rows too - which looks similar to the Hagal rune but if you notice the X staves cross over the upright stave higher up than its middle. There are many sites which confuse these two runes - which could be a really problem if there are using them for the purpose of ritual and rune work!! 

This bottom rune is the Ior rune - which is the rune of the Serpent (Ior is Jor and the root of  Jormungand the World Serpent).

If you take the Hagal rune we see 6 equal arms (which would divide a circle into 6 equal parts or triangles, each being 60 degrees. The Ior rune is a serpent with 5 heads and a tail -interestingly 5x60 is 300 which is the number of 'heads' of the council of Learned Elders as described in the Protocols). This rune then represents the unholy - the evil World Serpent. Within the the Nine Herbs charm we read that Woden takes a stick and kills this snake - he cuts of its tail. We can see that if we cut the tail off from this rune and kill the evil we are left with a rune that is holy!