Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On the 16th Sept I had a dream in which I saw a runebinding merge and then transform. The runes were a Sieg rune, and a glyph in the shape of a chevron (upside down V) - the chevron merged with the top of the Sieg rune to form a Tyr (Tiw) rune - and produced a runebinding which will be familiar to many readers as 'Sieg-Tyr', itself a common rune-chant.

However the 'arms' of the Tyr rune were much longer than how they would normally be drawn, and in my dream they became to symbolise a mountain. The centre of the Tyr-Sieg runebinding became a lightening flash which bolted down from the top of the mountain.   

Anyone who works with runes on a regular bases will experience dreams for flashes of inspiration in regards to new insights and rune meanings. Folk like Guido Von List, whose work in runology was far ahead of his time went even further and in his blindness envisioned a rune row based upon the Havamal.  Wulf Ingesunnu's work within Woden's Folk has also lead to the creation of an Aryan rune row based on Aryan-Saxon mysteries and insights. Some folk attack these new interpretations as if they are a distortion of original rune meanings (ie these meanings differ from the rune poems) - but there is no pre-defined interpretation of the runes, other than that which merges from the folk-soul collective. Those who stick to such a ridged interpretation of the runes based on the rune poems are those who least understand the runes! The rune poems and our sagas were mostly recorded, and later distorted by christians anyway. 

A constant working with the runes will develop a closer connection to the Aryan folk-soul, and a truer interpretation of the runes will manifest from your practises.

My own dream has lead me to the works of a National Socialist runeworker by the name of Heinar Schilling. His book 'Runekunde' was  produced to introduce members of the NSDAP to the runes and their meanings. His book includes many of the more common bindings, including the Sieg Tyr binding. 

We  all interpret our dreams in our own way - for me the mountain was the Sacred Mountain which appears in so many Aryan mysteries. The Lightening bolt is symbolic of Thor, however in the context of the dream, the bolt came from the god Ziu - a Germanic god of the Swabian folk, whom we call Tiw/Tyr. Ziu is etymologically connected to the Hellenic god Zeus, and as we know he sits upon mount Olympus as a thunder god. 

The rune binding of Sieg Tyr itself later evolved into a its own rune called 'Ziu'. The importance of the dream centred upon the mountain. The insight here is that whilst looking at articles on Ziu, there are numerous references to the German Harz mountain range. The Harz mountains are certainly a sacred area of German, which have appeared to me in dreams before.