Monday, 18 August 2014

 Wodan id est furor

Wodan, which means 'fury'

Woden, which is the fury, writes the  German medieval chronicler Adam von Bremen -  Wodan id est furor!

Woden, from the name  *wōþuz or Óðr is the god of the poetic fury. This is a divine fury which can be stirred by the gods, and captured collectively within the folk-soul,and is able to manifest within the strongest of our folk. The Wild Hunt is one such manifestation - and lead by Woden. 

The collective spirit also arose after the first brothers war in Germany - and the Spirit of Wotan manifest in the movement known as National Socialism. Adolf Hitler id est Furor!  Adolf Hitler ist der Fuhrer! 

There is a clear connection between the words furor and fuhrer, for the Fuhrer is the one who leads and directs this fury - which itself is the manifestation of the national spirit.

Our earliest Aryan ancestors knew of this phenomenon. The  Zoroastrian symbol of the Faravahar, the winged orb of the God Ashur takes its name from the same root. The Faravahar was often written in its earliest form as “frwr”, as Persian script did not represent short vowels. Overtime ‘Frwr’ evolved into farohar, frohar, frawahr, fravahr, furuhar etc. There is also a clear connection to the Egyptian word Pharaoh.

Fravahar means “divine power that lead human to above toward God” – the ‘Strong One from Above’ perhaps? This is certainly an accurate description of our own ‘Furor’- Woden!