Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Atlantis House 'Odin' carving, by  Bernhard Hoetger

This sculpture is certainly a fascinating piece of art, unfortunately destroyed during the second European Civil war. Most will know the sculpture from Richard Rudgley's 'Pagan Resurrection' or Allerseelen's 'Sturmlieder'.

The image of Odin is crucified upon the sun-cross, to which Hoetger described as the Lebensbaum (Tree of Life). Around the outer ring, the rune staves and their names, forms a 'sun halo'. But many National Socialists rejected this art. And whilst I certainly admire the work and feel it is a great shame that the work (which was a wooden carving) was destroyed (by the Allies it must be added), I do sure the view that the National Socialists held. This is namely that Hoetger viewed Odin's sacrifice upon the Word Tree, as the same as Jesus' crucifixion.  Here in this sculpture, Odin doesn't 'hang' but is nailed to the cross like a weak dying Untermensch.

This is not the God of our Germanic ancestors!

Still, whatever the viewpoint it is still a shame the art was destroyed. After all, in art we all see different things, which is the point of art to begin with.

Whilst writing the article above - I was reminded of a prophecy by Mother Shipton. Born in 1488 in England, arguments about how authentic her works remain. Regardless of this, one such piece sprung to mind - 

"The White King dead, the Wolf shall then With blood usurp the lions den."

The White king - the White God?   The Wolf - the Noble Wolf? The Lion - lion of Judah? Initiates will understand!!