Monday, 11 August 2014

Thanks to the excellent article on the Celto-German Culture blog, I was bought to the attention of Ynglism and their stylised swastika. link here

Now I have heard a lot about  Rodnovery, having once been in regular correspondence with kinsman in St Petersburg, but I was not aware of Ynglism. However I was aware of their swastika, and have seen many Slavic pagan sites and various Slavic groups using the Swastika.

What interests me (as well as the revival of paganism of course!) is how this Slavic swastika resembles the swastika on the ceiling of the 'Valhalla' crypt which lays beneath the Black Sun room at Wewelsburg castle. The crypt was designed to reflect and amplify the acoustics, and having been in the crypt and performed rune galdurs to Woden, the atmosphere created by the chants is very powerful.

The Swastika on the ceiling of the Valhalla crypt.