Friday, 8 August 2014

National Socialisms Sacred Centre

Here in England we find that the Longman of Wilmington is the SPIRITUAL centre of Wodenism. There is also Banbury Cross, another important location which lies at the centre of England.

We see England as a region of Greater Germania! Every leading National Socialist during the second European civil war saw England as a Germanic nation. Many of you will be aware of the attempts to raise a Waffen SS unit from British POWs who shared the same concerns about Bolshevism. These volunteers were allowed to wear the Runic SS collars, as they were Germanic men.

The Spiritual centre of Esoteric National Socialism was the Wewelsburg castle. Another important place was of course Nuremberg  - which is a subject I'll address in another article, for this was the seat of the Norns!

The castle itself has prechristian history, being a Saxon stronghold in its former days. Most of NSVR readers will be aware of the castle and its history. You will also know about Himmler's plans to build an SS 'city' around the castle grounds. 

Many years ago I visited the castle and looked at the plans which had been drawn up, plus a scaled model which showed in great detail the library's and colleges, barracks and studies which would become part of this new spiritual centre.

I was also happily surprised to learn that as part of Himmler's design, he had planned to knock down the local church!

The North tower of the castle, with its famous Black Sun mosaic, and the 'Valhalla' crypt formed the Sacred Centre. The castle and a new road to be built would form a giant spear - the Spear of Odin - which would point north.

Walther Darre had the deepest respect for local lore and tradition. He was also considered to be the 'Father of the Green's' for his love of nature. Himmler shared this ideal, himself a vegetarian like Hitler, and like Darre, rejected christianity in favour of the religion of the Germanic pagans. What Himmler did was to incorporate the living land into the plans for the new city. The new SS centre would be 'alive' existing within and as a part of the Germanic Earth.

It is clear from the above picture how the castle and what would have been the new grounds, along with the natural landscape forms the shape of the human head. Not only was the Castle to be the Spiritual Centre of National Socialism, but being located in the symbolic centre of the conciousness of the Aryan mind. This would have allowed for a greater connection to the Aryan Folk-Soul.