Sunday, 31 August 2014


Germania is the personification of the Goddess of German lands. If we look at her symbolism, we find that she is herself an aspect of the Goddess Freya.

Germania's breast plate and shield depict the Germanic Black Eagle. She often wears a wreath of Oak, or sits under an Oak tree. Sometimes she is depicted with two others- perhaps she has a role similar to the norns? Many of these symbols (such as the Black Eagle) are attributes given to her during christian times. 

Around her sword (which is called the Reichsschwert) she also carries a bundle of Hemp. Hemp was once sacred to the Vanir gods and goddesses - and especially Freya. The use of hemp is believed to be part of Siedr magic, a form of shamanic ritual, practised by women. There have been numerous grave finding across Scandinavia where the remains have included pots of hemp seed. 

In this statue of Germania, by an American artist, we can see a humbler and more rustic depiction. In my opinion this imagery is certainly suitable for an Earth Goddess! For Freya has always been a goddess of the land - a Goddess of the Peasant cause! But either way - as a humble Bauerntum goddess, or as the goddess of the Germanic Imperium - she remains with us, and watches over us. Long live Germania!