Sunday, 24 August 2014

‘Quod Superius Macroprosopus, Quod Inferius Microprosopus'

As Above, So Below

All  National Socialist will recognise the Ouroboros as the Midgard Serpent, a symbol of our enemy! Well, it has been my experience that groups who use this symbol (in regards to the Ouroboros) seem to follow in the creatures destiny and self destruct, even if the group or individual means well and even holds a worldview that opposes the NWO to which the Ouroboros symbol seems to represent. The 'Allgermanische Heidnische Front' is a prime example. Others that co'opt the same slogans and symbols are sure to follow suit.

The Heathen Front - a group I was a strong supporter off and active in for a short time, used the Ouroboros which circled a Life and Death rune binding, unfortunately folded some years ago. The EHF were strong supporters of the rural movements to which I continue to support. Walther Darre (who I admire) also used a crest which contained the Ouroboros emblem, and eventually succumb to alcohol. Others who use the emblem often drift to the furthest of the 'left hand' side such as satanism (NON for example). Whilst I'm certainly not against these groups, I do feel that these emblems and slogans have such a deep history, they can effect our subconsciousness thus they can change the way we act and behave. The Ouroboros certainly signifies a self destructive force, and I believe those who adopt or share its symbol are doomed to shares its fate!