Sunday, 31 August 2014


Germania is the personification of the Goddess of German lands. If we look at her symbolism, we find that she is herself an aspect of the Goddess Freya.

Germania's breast plate and shield depict the Germanic Black Eagle. She often wears a wreath of Oak, or sits under an Oak tree. Sometimes she is depicted with two others- perhaps she has a role similar to the norns? Many of these symbols (such as the Black Eagle) are attributes given to her during christian times. 

Around her sword (which is called the Reichsschwert) she also carries a bundle of Hemp. Hemp was once sacred to the Vanir gods and goddesses - and especially Freya. The use of hemp is believed to be part of Siedr magic, a form of shamanic ritual, practised by women. There have been numerous grave finding across Scandinavia where the remains have included pots of hemp seed. 

In this statue of Germania, by an American artist, we can see a humbler and more rustic depiction. In my opinion this imagery is certainly suitable for an Earth Goddess! For Freya has always been a goddess of the land - a Goddess of the Peasant cause! But either way - as a humble Bauerntum goddess, or as the goddess of the Germanic Imperium - she remains with us, and watches over us. Long live Germania!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cattle die, kinsmen die. You yourself will die;
I know one thing which never dies: the fate of the honoured dead.
The Peasant Salute continued 

In this second post on the Peasant Salute, we can see how Miguel Serrano connects this hand mantra to the (Armanen) Man rune. This is the position we stand to greet the sun - thus the Armanen Man rune shares its shape with the Germanic Life rune. To Serrano the salute represented the Irminsul (the captions read Irminsul, drei Wurzeln in Himmel - three roots into the sky), which is the link between man and gods, sky and earth, and the key to knowledge. Across Europe the hand gesture is connected to the number three (with or without the thumb extended).

This artwork, commissioned by Serrano, was drawn by the German artist Wolfgang vom Schemm.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Atlantis House 'Odin' carving, by  Bernhard Hoetger

This sculpture is certainly a fascinating piece of art, unfortunately destroyed during the second European Civil war. Most will know the sculpture from Richard Rudgley's 'Pagan Resurrection' or Allerseelen's 'Sturmlieder'.

The image of Odin is crucified upon the sun-cross, to which Hoetger described as the Lebensbaum (Tree of Life). Around the outer ring, the rune staves and their names, forms a 'sun halo'. But many National Socialists rejected this art. And whilst I certainly admire the work and feel it is a great shame that the work (which was a wooden carving) was destroyed (by the Allies it must be added), I do sure the view that the National Socialists held. This is namely that Hoetger viewed Odin's sacrifice upon the Word Tree, as the same as Jesus' crucifixion.  Here in this sculpture, Odin doesn't 'hang' but is nailed to the cross like a weak dying Untermensch.

This is not the God of our Germanic ancestors!

Still, whatever the viewpoint it is still a shame the art was destroyed. After all, in art we all see different things, which is the point of art to begin with.

Whilst writing the article above - I was reminded of a prophecy by Mother Shipton. Born in 1488 in England, arguments about how authentic her works remain. Regardless of this, one such piece sprung to mind - 

"The White King dead, the Wolf shall then With blood usurp the lions den."

The White king - the White God?   The Wolf - the Noble Wolf? The Lion - lion of Judah? Initiates will understand!!

‘Quod Superius Macroprosopus, Quod Inferius Microprosopus'

As Above, So Below

All  National Socialist will recognise the Ouroboros as the Midgard Serpent, a symbol of our enemy! Well, it has been my experience that groups who use this symbol (in regards to the Ouroboros) seem to follow in the creatures destiny and self destruct, even if the group or individual means well and even holds a worldview that opposes the NWO to which the Ouroboros symbol seems to represent. The 'Allgermanische Heidnische Front' is a prime example. Others that co'opt the same slogans and symbols are sure to follow suit.

The Heathen Front - a group I was a strong supporter off and active in for a short time, used the Ouroboros which circled a Life and Death rune binding, unfortunately folded some years ago. The EHF were strong supporters of the rural movements to which I continue to support. Walther Darre (who I admire) also used a crest which contained the Ouroboros emblem, and eventually succumb to alcohol. Others who use the emblem often drift to the furthest of the 'left hand' side such as satanism (NON for example). Whilst I'm certainly not against these groups, I do feel that these emblems and slogans have such a deep history, they can effect our subconsciousness thus they can change the way we act and behave. The Ouroboros certainly signifies a self destructive force, and I believe those who adopt or share its symbol are doomed to shares its fate!

Monday, 18 August 2014

 Wodan id est furor

Wodan, which means 'fury'

Woden, which is the fury, writes the  German medieval chronicler Adam von Bremen -  Wodan id est furor!

Woden, from the name  *wōþuz or Óðr is the god of the poetic fury. This is a divine fury which can be stirred by the gods, and captured collectively within the folk-soul,and is able to manifest within the strongest of our folk. The Wild Hunt is one such manifestation - and lead by Woden. 

The collective spirit also arose after the first brothers war in Germany - and the Spirit of Wotan manifest in the movement known as National Socialism. Adolf Hitler id est Furor!  Adolf Hitler ist der Fuhrer! 

There is a clear connection between the words furor and fuhrer, for the Fuhrer is the one who leads and directs this fury - which itself is the manifestation of the national spirit.

Our earliest Aryan ancestors knew of this phenomenon. The  Zoroastrian symbol of the Faravahar, the winged orb of the God Ashur takes its name from the same root. The Faravahar was often written in its earliest form as “frwr”, as Persian script did not represent short vowels. Overtime ‘Frwr’ evolved into farohar, frohar, frawahr, fravahr, furuhar etc. There is also a clear connection to the Egyptian word Pharaoh.

Fravahar means “divine power that lead human to above toward God” – the ‘Strong One from Above’ perhaps? This is certainly an accurate description of our own ‘Furor’- Woden!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wolfsangels of the SS!

Further to my last article on the Wolfs Hook - the Waffen SS shared the idea of a heathen past, and this is why adopted the Wolfsangel!

Division Landstorm Nederland


Das Reich!

Why the Wolfsangel?

Why do we use the Wolfsangel as our emblem? For me, there are two different aspects of the Wolfsangel. Firstly, there is the runic element - most notably the Eihwaz rune - though depending on the 'style' of Wolfsangel it could be the Sigel rune, Opfer rune, or even the Gibor rune.

The two styles of Wolfsangel I tend to use the most are the upright version with a horizontal division or a Sigel rune style hook with an upright division. The latter example is interesting as there is a runic forumla contained within the Wolfsangel - Sigel and Is - or Fire and Ice, the union of opposites. But it is the former style that I most often use for the purpose of runic magic - as it contains the Eihwaz rune - which is the rune of the Yew tree and the Bow - both important symbols for the gods Widar and Wuldor - two gods of 'resistance' which is why the Wolfsangel is so often seen as a symbol for Resistance. Indeed the German 'Widerstand' (resistance) shares the same etymological root as Widar. 

The second element of the Wolfsangel is the historical one. This relates to the concept of the 'Wolfs Head', or outlaws. The term 'Wolfs Head' comes from the fact that sheriffs across Britain, and Europe, would offer rewards for the head of a wolf, thus encouraging the hunting of these animals - who in the eyes of the christian masses really symbolised our heathen past. Whilst the christians would tend their flocks, and pray to their shepherd god - us Wolves would roam the forest - as free folk.

One of the methods used to kill the wolfs was the Wolfsangel. This is really the German term - the English is Wolf Hook, and this really was a hook - baited with meat and hung from a tree. Hanging from a tree and left on the end of a long chain, the hook would not necessarily 'hook' the wolf like hooking a fish, but would rip the wolfs jaw (perhaps in the same way Widar rips the jaws of the Fenris wolf?) and the wolf would bleed to death. 

The hook and chain were suspended from a tree using the Wofsanker. This was an 'anchor' shaped devise designed to sit over two or more branches. The Wolfsanker, like the Wolf Hook, have become heraldic symbols.
The coat of arms for the city of Fellbach contains three 'wolfsankers'

Another weapon the christians would use is the Wolfsgruben - the Wolf Pit. As the name suggests it was a pit fall trap, lined with spikes and was triggered by the weight of the wolf walking over the top. In England, the common pub name 'Wool Pit' and 'Wool pack' derive from this form of hunting. The term 'wool' was once 'wolf', and this form of wolf hunting was practised by shepherds, thus the term evolved. For me, it is just another sign of the hypocrisy of the christians,who hide their violent past. Wool pack and Wool pit conjure up nothing more than the idea of shepherds tending their flocks. The truth is that they hunted the wolf into extinction from Britain. And this is the most important reason as to why we use the Wolf Hook ourselves - because as Heathens, and as National Socialist - we too are hunted by the same forces, who wear this false mask, who pretend to be the do-gooders, but in reality behind the mask they are the evil brood.

This is why the folk-heroes of our race, like Robin Hood, Hereward the Wake, Widukind etc were always demonised, made out to be 'put-laws' and 'wolfs heads' - there was a price on their heads. Because they were hunted, the same way our enemies hunted the wolf. To use the Wolf Hook as our emblem is to make this comparison of shared history and struggle with the wolf.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Thanks to the excellent article on the Celto-German Culture blog, I was bought to the attention of Ynglism and their stylised swastika. link here

Now I have heard a lot about  Rodnovery, having once been in regular correspondence with kinsman in St Petersburg, but I was not aware of Ynglism. However I was aware of their swastika, and have seen many Slavic pagan sites and various Slavic groups using the Swastika.

What interests me (as well as the revival of paganism of course!) is how this Slavic swastika resembles the swastika on the ceiling of the 'Valhalla' crypt which lays beneath the Black Sun room at Wewelsburg castle. The crypt was designed to reflect and amplify the acoustics, and having been in the crypt and performed rune galdurs to Woden, the atmosphere created by the chants is very powerful.

The Swastika on the ceiling of the Valhalla crypt.


Friday, 8 August 2014

National Socialisms Sacred Centre

Here in England we find that the Longman of Wilmington is the SPIRITUAL centre of Wodenism. There is also Banbury Cross, another important location which lies at the centre of England.

We see England as a region of Greater Germania! Every leading National Socialist during the second European civil war saw England as a Germanic nation. Many of you will be aware of the attempts to raise a Waffen SS unit from British POWs who shared the same concerns about Bolshevism. These volunteers were allowed to wear the Runic SS collars, as they were Germanic men.

The Spiritual centre of Esoteric National Socialism was the Wewelsburg castle. Another important place was of course Nuremberg  - which is a subject I'll address in another article, for this was the seat of the Norns!

The castle itself has prechristian history, being a Saxon stronghold in its former days. Most of NSVR readers will be aware of the castle and its history. You will also know about Himmler's plans to build an SS 'city' around the castle grounds. 

Many years ago I visited the castle and looked at the plans which had been drawn up, plus a scaled model which showed in great detail the library's and colleges, barracks and studies which would become part of this new spiritual centre.

I was also happily surprised to learn that as part of Himmler's design, he had planned to knock down the local church!

The North tower of the castle, with its famous Black Sun mosaic, and the 'Valhalla' crypt formed the Sacred Centre. The castle and a new road to be built would form a giant spear - the Spear of Odin - which would point north.

Walther Darre had the deepest respect for local lore and tradition. He was also considered to be the 'Father of the Green's' for his love of nature. Himmler shared this ideal, himself a vegetarian like Hitler, and like Darre, rejected christianity in favour of the religion of the Germanic pagans. What Himmler did was to incorporate the living land into the plans for the new city. The new SS centre would be 'alive' existing within and as a part of the Germanic Earth.

It is clear from the above picture how the castle and what would have been the new grounds, along with the natural landscape forms the shape of the human head. Not only was the Castle to be the Spiritual Centre of National Socialism, but being located in the symbolic centre of the conciousness of the Aryan mind. This would have allowed for a greater connection to the Aryan Folk-Soul. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Das Runenhauser!

In 1912 Philipp Stauff  (1876–1923) published the esoteric book  Runenhäuser (Rune Houses). Stauff was one of the founding members of the Guido von List Society, and was a close friend of List himself. Stauff's work was a continuation of List's own ideas on the runic positions formed in the construction of German houses by the timber beams and patterned brick work. List believed that the forming of beams into runic shapes was a means of hiding (and preserving) the history and meanings of the runes by our ancestors after the conversion of the German peoples to christianity. The same runic patterns were also hidden in German heraldic designs.

In these pictures below we can see examples of the Runic shapes within the brick work

here we can see the runes - 


This is known as a broom or rod symbol

the Lebenrune (Armanen Man rune)

examples from Stauff's book

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Swastika as a symbol of Eternal Revolution.

Revolution - to revolve or return. Unlike the christian cross which is symbol fixed in time, rooted to the ground, thus unchanging anddying, the Swastika evolves and renews. The Swastika is the root of the Spiral. If you look at the centre of the spiral you will see the rotating swastika. The Spiral is a symbol which we rarely use within the volkisch movement. However, we shouldn't overlook this important sign. The Spiral shares it's etymological roots with the words Spirit and Inspire, Respire and Aspire. All this words relate to the concept of breathe and life, of the soul and to outwards expansion and growth. This is what the swastika represents.    These are the true concepts of National Socialism. This is why the swastika will always be the sign of National Socialism. 

" the swastika [we see] the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.”  Adolf Hitler

Lets have a look at the Spiral - as a symbol for life. The Spiral is sacred to the Indo-Aryan god Shiva. In nature, growth is often formulated around the concept of the spiral. There is an outward rotation and expansion. If we look at these images from nature, you will be able to see a spiral within each one.

Even in natural weather patterns, both creative and destructive

And on the cosmic level

This is really why attempts to 'ban' the swastika would ultimately fail. It is not a man made sign, unlike the cross or star of david the Swastika exists within all growing things - as the Spiral of Life! A source of Life and Inspiration! 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Across the United Kingdom people will be remembering that on this day, the Empire joined in the First War that would engulf our World.

Then, and even wars fought to this day - British interests were not the priority. Nor was the War in defence of the Realm.
WW1 was an attack, orchestrated by our enemies, upon the European man.

European man fought European man.
Saxon fought Saxon.

Then, just like today - our enemies plot the destruction of Europe. They lie and we die.