Monday, 14 July 2014

This Sunwheel is based upon the Hail rune. A six spoked wheel, which certainly contains some form of sacred geometry, and is perhaps connected to the measure of time.

This kind of Sunwheel is sacred to an almost lost Saxon God - Krodo. Most of the images we have of him seem to based upon a single concept - one of him standing upon a fish, whilst holding this 6 armed sunwheel in the sky. The fish, according to some sources is a Perch. In Krodo's other hand he carries a pail of water. 

Many scolars identify Krodo with another Saxon god, Saeter (Sater / Satur). Indeed Seater is connected with the measure of time. If we look at the stained glass window from Cardiff castle (below), we see the very same symbolism.

Saeter is identified with the Roman god Saturn - himself identified with the Greek god Cronus - from where the Saxons could have got the name Krodo.  

Seater (Saeter)

Saeter statue (England)

Charlemagne destroys the Krodos alter