Tuesday, 22 July 2014

  The Östergötland Hammer

This famous version of the Östergötland Hammer holds a lot of power! Even in a modern reproduction piece, there is a connection to the past - thus a continuation of living history. Most folk who read my posts will know there are so many styles of hammer you can buy. A quick search online shows just how many - and certainly how many cheap imported hammers there are that have no Germanic qualities about them what so ever.

I'd like to think that the production of the Östergötland Hammer these days - especially by European / North American silversmiths continues the traditions - these hammers being a kind of 'third generational' in production. The original begin made during the Viking era. The 'second generation' was during National Socialist Germany, as Otto Gahrs company made faithful copies for SS members who had left the church to follow the spiritual path of our Germanic forefathers. Quality copies of the hammer are made today by silversmiths in England, Sweden and Amercia  represent this 'third generation'.

Theres certainly nothing wrong with choosing a modern design for a hammer - and making your own would be even better! But such an important symbol of our faith should also represent the history that the hammer symbolises - thus cheap imports from Asia that lack any Germanic quality should be avoided!

Above - the Östergötland Hammer

Otto Gahr's Östergötland Hammer -
picture taken from his catalogue of silver jewellery which he produced for the NSDAP 

Wolfgang Willrich drawing of a German girl wearing the Östergötland Hammer