Monday, 28 July 2014

Sowilo and Sieg

Two important runes - Sowilo and Sieg. Both represent the letter S in the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic rune rows. The meaning of the runes overlap, but there are some small differences.

ALL runic lore is personal - and all rune-workers will develop their own interpretation of the runes over time. Books are an important guide to the runes, but rune-working and runic meditation will allow you to evolve your understanding of the Futhark to greater levels. Those who maintain such a ridged view of the runes, based on historical interpretations (which were more often than not recorded in christian times) will never progress from that interpretation. 

Back to the Sieg and Sowilo runes!

Both represent the Might of the Sun. Both represent the Victory of Light - thus a perfect Rune to symbolise the Actions of our National Socialist Weltanschauung. The Sieg rune is of course a very well known rune, which is part of the open handed greeting (thus non aggressive and a gesture of honesty) Sieg Heil - a subject which I'll cover in a moment.

The Sowilo rune also represents the Sun - and (for myself) another important element - Will. I often render this rune as Soul-Willow, which makes an easy rune galder (rune chant). It is the Will of the Soul - the Will of the Sun which leads us to Victory (Sieg) - The Triumpth of the Will'!

The Willow element itself can certainly be connected to the Willow tree, for the willow family is the Salix genus, with Sal being another root of Sol meaning Sun. The drug aspirin comes from this tree, thus the tree also has healing properties.  The letter 'S' is also represented  in the celtic Ogham as the Willow Tree - Saille. Sallie=Sal. Saille-Willow -Sowilo. 

Now the Sieg Heil salute!  It's infamous and described by our enemies as a gesture of hate, but in fact it is quite the opposite. Unlike the raised clenched fist of the communist - a symbol of their rage and willingness to violence - the Sieg Heil salute is an open handed gesture which shows it is non aggressive. The salute is sometimes called the Roman salute - based on the belief that the Romans used this sign as a greeting. The Americans prior to the World Wars did also use this salute in their schools. The USA is modelled on ancient Rome - their senate even has the Fasces symbols. (Indeed, America has become the New Rome and a world police.) It was Heinrich Himmler's belief that the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus had Nordic  / Germanic origins. Images of the twins even appear on the Anglo-Saxon Franks casket. Hezbollah also use the same open handed salute and claim this is an ancient salute from pre-Islamic times. The Scythians who once lived in this region are themselves distance cousins of the Germanic people, thus the salute continued into Germanic use.

Sieg represents the Sun and Victory - Heil represent Hail and Health, thus Victory Hail as well as a healing chant that invokes the power of the sun. The word 'salute' even seems from the same root - Sal, which we've mentioned already. To salute was to greet the Sun. It could be that we 'saluted' in order to protect our eyes when we faced the sun - or it could be derived from a runic posture.

The words Sun and Heil also overlap - for if we look at many of the Germano-celtic terms for Sun we find examples like Welsh 'haul' and the Breton word 'heol' which both mean Sun.