Thursday, 7 August 2014

Das Runenhauser!

In 1912 Philipp Stauff  (1876–1923) published the esoteric book  Runenhäuser (Rune Houses). Stauff was one of the founding members of the Guido von List Society, and was a close friend of List himself. Stauff's work was a continuation of List's own ideas on the runic positions formed in the construction of German houses by the timber beams and patterned brick work. List believed that the forming of beams into runic shapes was a means of hiding (and preserving) the history and meanings of the runes by our ancestors after the conversion of the German peoples to christianity. The same runic patterns were also hidden in German heraldic designs.

In these pictures below we can see examples of the Runic shapes within the brick work

here we can see the runes - 


This is known as a broom or rod symbol

the Lebenrune (Armanen Man rune)

examples from Stauff's book