Sunday, 8 June 2014

 The Rootedness of the Peasantry - Wulf Grimwald
The peasant/farmer is rooted to the soil in a numinous, mystical manner. His land provides him with more than food or an income; it is here that the generations of his family live and die, where their sweat, blood and tears and laughter consecrate the earth in the most personal way. Where is there such connectedness to one's environment in the City, where all is in a state of flux and transience: where impersonality is supreme. Spengler continues:
"He who digs and ploughs is seeking not to plunder, but to alter Nature. To plant implies not to take something, but to produce something. BUT WITH THIS, MAN HIMSELF BECOMES PLANT—namely, as peasant. He roots in the earth that he tends, the soul of man discovers a soul in the countryside, and a new earthboundness of being, a new feeling pronounces itself. Hostile Nature becomes the friend, earth becomes MOTHER Earth. Between sowing and begetting, harvest and death, and child and the grain, a profound affinity is set up ...."
The symbol of this youthful Culture, this 'Springtime' is the farmhouse, "The great symbol of settledness .... It is PROPERTY in the most sacred sense of the word."
It is the Civilization in its Late or "Winter" phase with the City and the citydweller :dominant that has man returning to a spiritually nomadic, rootless condition. He is no longer settled; there are no real, deep—inner—ties to property in the profound sense, not even among those who own their city dwellings. The City epitomized by the Megalopolis in Late Civilization (for ancient Rome and modern New York, London or Paris) draws the races of the world to it; no longer only the rural population of its own Folk. The Megalopolis is bloodless, money-based, desiring capital and labor regardless of the racial and cultural sources. The great melting-pot is upheld as the ideal. America symbolizes perfectly the Western Civilization's Late phase, and whoever seeks to predict the future of his own society needs only to look first at what unfolds in America.