Monday, 16 June 2014

The Landjahr - Land Year

The Landjahr was a nationalist project which allowed young boys and girls the chance of experiencing rural work and life. The idea was the creation of the Artaman League and became a national scheme after the merger of the Artaman with the Hitler Youth.

The Landjahr evolved into the Germanishe Landdienst (German Land Service), with the hopes of becoming a pan Germanic youth movement (The Jeugdstorm / Germanische Jugend).  Many of the participants of the German Land Movement were from Germany, Holland and Flanders.  

Dutch Jeugdstorm (Youth Storm) poster

Edel Rune

The emblem for the movement was the Edel rune- the Rune of Germanic Soil and an upright sword.

Germanishe Landdienst Silver Brooch