Friday, 27 June 2014

The Black Sun!

The infamous Black Sun symbol!  

The Black Sun is one of the most important symbols in Esoteric National Socialism. The mosaic at Wewelburg itself is a beautiful piece of art - made from the finest green marble, kindly donated by Mussolini! I had the privilege to visit the castle and see the Black Sun in the Hall above the 'Valhalla' crypt many years ago. 

The Black Sun itself is a form of Zierscheibe - an ornamental disk which symbolised the cyclic nature of the Germanic Worldview. Many Alemannic graves were found with these metal sun discs, and many resemble the Wewelsburg Black Sun.

Its design was chosen by Himmler after taking advice from Wiligut - however I once read that other occultists were working with Himmler and had also suggested alternative designs. I recall a French website that had a picture of an alternative design which had been considered by Himmler. (If I can find the website on an archives site I'll add the link - the website went by the name 'Freki' but has not been hosted for over 10 years now). 

A lot has been written about the Black Sun, mostly that the Sun Wheel consists of three turning Swastikas - representing  one rising, one at the zenith, and one setting. This is of course true - however there are many other mysteries regarding the emblem. I'll discuss a few of them here.

The Black Sun can represent the immoveable centre - the sacred centre which lies at the heart of all living things - including our very own universe. It is the spiritual opposite of the Golden 'outwards' shining sun we can see. This would make it symbolic of a 'Black Hole' - instead of Swastikas the Black Sun can be seen as a ring of twelve Sowilo (Sieg / Sig) runes. The Sieg Rune is a rune of Light in one aspect - however the runes on the Black Sun are in reverse - symbolising a light absorbing sun.

The Green marble which Mussolini donated to Himmler also has important symbolism.The green represents the Green Ray - which is the colour of the light of the sun just as the sun sets beneath the horizon. This is a well known phenomenon, and is even mentioned in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. This phenomenon is called the Green Flash by astronomers and there are numerous photos of this. In fact the lens of a camera often exaggerates the phenomenon, which is rarely seen with the naked eye. 

The Green Ray caught on camera lens

The Green Ray on a photo by Nasa

to be continued.....